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......@@ -205,12 +205,12 @@ The names of our current house speakers are listed in the showcases next to ever
Organizes the Wohnheim Bar (orange house). Opening hours: During Semester: Mo. and Th., 8--12 pm, Holidays: Wed., 8--12 pm.\\
Contact/Infos: \mailto{}, Problems (only SMS): 01590/5550700, \\
Contact/Info: \mailto{}, Problems (only SMS): 01590/5550700, \\
\subparagraph{Networkteam (Netzteam):}\mbox{}\\
Bustles the Wohnheim network.\\
Contact/Infos: \mailto{}, \url{}
Contact/Info: \mailto{}, \url{}
\subparagraph{Cinema (Kinoteam):}\mbox{}\\
The Kinoteam is in charge of the Rommelkino for fellow lodgers. Films are shown once a week during semester on a big screen using a video projector and a 5.1 sound system.
......@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ Keys: \url{}
\subparagraph{Garden Team (Gartenteam):}\mbox{}\\
This team is responsible for the garden behind the green house and for the grills.\\
Infos: \url{}\\
Info: \url{}\\
Grill rental: \mailto{}
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